Shine Begho


A little bit of what I do

Skincare Influencer

I'm a skincare enthusiast and influencer sharing my expertise and experience on skincare tips , reviews , routine for radiant skin.

Event Host

I'm a dynamic event host with excellent public speaking skills and engaging personality.

Radio Host

I'm a Enthusiastic radio host with excellent communication skills, a passion for music and entertainment, and the ability to engage audiences.

Tv Host

I'm a charismatic TV host with a captivating on-camera presence and a talent for engaging audiences.

Voice Over Artist

I'm a dynamic and versatile voice over artist with a professional and captivating delivery.

Film Producer

I'm a film producer, bringing that vision to screen through team coordination and resource allocation.


I'm a creative YouTuber producing entertaining lifestyle and educational Skincare content, covering a wide range of topics with a unique perspective.

Service Rate Card

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